Show Biz Dave!

In 2001 Dave leapt (or was pushed!) onto the world stage in a pretty unusual way; as an International Male model! For an intensely shy kid from the bush this time on the catwalk and in front of a camera was more than a bit different! It exposed Dave to a wider world he had no idea existed and allowed him to travel to over 80 countries and experience many different cultures. It also gave him the confidence to start sharing his incredible story. 

After heading back to the family Station it was again in 2006 that the spot light shone on this long haired larrikin when he appeared on Australian televisions for the first time in the Big Brother house! Since then he has starred in dozens of TV and radio shows including Dancing with the Stars (where his experience in dog training came in very handy for his two left feet!), a groundbreaking documentary on Dingos, a US TV pilot for none other than Oprah Winfrey and a revealing and emotional Australian Story.


Big Brother

Dingo: Wild Dog at War

Australian Story: Farmer wants a life

Dancing with the stars

Better Homes & Garden 

Tough Conversations with Henry Rollins