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MC & Announcer

Hilarious, Authentic, 

Knowledgeable, Relatable, Educational....

are the words that always come up when Dave hosts an event!

Having hosted hundreds of events since 2006, from charity functions to huge Arena Spectaculars, Dave crafts his performance by responding to audiences and connecting emotionally. From tears of hearing about his 'never give up' approach to life or to tears of joy in his high-octane animal performances.

There are few announcers that have Dave's breadth, diversity and unique life experiences. Having been a shy outback kid, to a farmer, to an international male model to an open book TV personality, he brings a grounded larrikin streak which captures audiences. He has a simple and poetic style, a love for story telling and an amazing ability to relate to audiences, engaging, entertaining and educating them... not just going from A to B! 

Presenting in front of live, and often large, audiences is something Dave has always loved. Over the years he has hosted and presented at hundreds of events, ranging from huge royal shows, corporate functions and charity events. Dave is available to present or act as an MC or host for a variety of functions. Some of the events he has been involved with include:

Corporate Events

He is a regular participant in product launches and other corporate events, speaking and conducting media interviews, often in the role of Brand Promoter. 

Local Council Events

Many local authorities hold annual pet information days. He regularly makes celebrity appearances at events from the Gold Coast to Perth and everywhere in between. HIs role can vary from live performances with The Muttley Crew, through to hosting and presenting.

Conference Presentations

Dave has presented Dog Behaviour Insights at pet industry conferences and functions on a range of animal related topics and how we can alter direction and refocus our attention on public needs. Outside of the Pet Industry he has shared his stories of resilience with Business Groups, Industry leaders and many others.

Major Public Events

Dave hosted major events across Australia and the USA, appearing before live audiences of up to 85,000 people and a huge TV and online viewing audience.


Dog Lovers Show and Pet Expos

Dave travels around Australia and the USA to major pet events with the Muttley Crew, DockDogs, Flipping Disc Dogz, Melbourne Canine Freestyle & BackTrack providing entertainment and education for the public. HIs ability to craft a show is second to none as its all about bringing together the best of the best to engage an audience.


Charity Fundraising Events

Dave regularly participates in charity events and fundraising activities; from dog charities to mental health awareness, youth work and raising the profile and platform of smaller organisations up to a national scale.

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