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Life is a journey and having the right tools to help along the way is so important. Dave has developed a range of educational shows using country and culture and fluffy friends to entertain, engage and educate. He also enjoys conducts talks to school children about responsible pet ownership and safety around pets. With his unique ability to cross the great divide between consumers and producers he shares his passion for sustainable agriculture, connection to country and our traditions and culture with future generations.

The Muttley Crew Show

Having a dog is all about trust, based on a mutually beneficial, unwritten agreement we humans entered into with dogs about 15,000 years ago.Since then, we have genetically modified dogs appearance, behaviour and characteristics to suit our needs.


Be it the kelpie to round up sheep and bring them back to a stockman on vast stations, to huskies mushing our sleds across the ice or to Jack Russels keeping Churches and barns free of rodents. All dogs were created for a purpose.


In this Interactive show Dave and his Muttley Crew take kids and the educators on an exciting and super informative journey through time to really appreciate dogs; where they come from, why the countless breeds are so diverse and also how to communicate effectively for a safe, positive interaction with dogs.

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