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Superdog Spectacular

Farmer Dave Graham's Superdog Spectacular is high-flying, high octane, combination of extreme dog sports and wildly entertaining show starring athletic super dogs aimed at capturing the hearts of audiences. Bringing together all these sports around a 100,000-litre pool with the national champions of the four-legged variety .


Includes – DockDogs (Big Air, Extreme Vertical, Speed Retrieval) K9 Superwall, Flyball, Agility and Mini Dog Races. A joyous spectacle that is fun for the whole family.



DockDogs is the world’s number one canine aquatics sport event. With dogs of any breed, any size and any colour being able to compete in Big Air long jump for dogs, Extreme Vertical high jump and Speed Retrieve drag racing in a 100,000 litre pool off a 12 metre dock. Without a doubt the most exciting and engaging attraction for show goers, it is incredible fun for dogs and their owners and is open to all teams of humans over 7 years and dogs over 12 months of age.

K9 Superwall

One of the most iconic outback events is the dog high jump and K9 Super Wall takes it to a whole new level, being a standout crowd favourite. Run by a handler, each dog competes to jump up an ever-increasing vertical wall to decide a winner - which keeps the audience on edge. This event also has high-energy music and educational components.



Think Drag Racing for dogs, two teams taking each other on over jumps, set by the littlest dog in the team.


Dogs have a long history of being incredibly agile and capable of amazing feats. Our agile best friends will prove it as they weave their way through poles, tunnels and jumps.  


Mini Dog Races

Mini Dog races are for our dogs under 30cm with 15cm jumps. It's the race that never stopped a nation but is without question the funniest event on four legs. 

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