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Arena Shows

Farmer Dave brings together amazing canine performers and competitors with the Australian and international community in his many live show options. Coupled with his entertaining and loveable stage presence, amazing knowledge and insight plus the ability to captivate an audience and you have an arena show like no other!

SuperDog Spectacular

This absolute show stopper is the largest canine stunt show ever produced in Australia: involving Super Stunt Dogs, Agility Weave Poles, Flipping Disc Dogz,  Racing Canines, Dog Dancing and Acrobatics High Flying Diving Dogs into 100,000-litre pool - all showcasing the best of the best of the human animal bond. Want the biggest, the best and the most unrivalled experience possible....THIS IS IT.


Minimum space requirements 30m x 50m, minimum setup time required 2 days.


Extreme Air Dogs

The traditional Australian Outback Farmers Favourite of seeing whose dog jumps the most bales of hay onto the back of the Ute ...but BIGGER! The eager dogs challenge each other in this extreme race skyward; resulting in which handler's dog can achieve the greatest height. 


A mobile, modern apparatus, requiring little Arena space with a super fast set up time. This high drive, seat-of-your-pants production, brings in the elements of City Vs Country and Sate of Origin to give the audience a team to rally behind; but at the end of the day it's all about FUN, encouragement and allowing dogs to reach their limits. 


Minimum space requirements 3m x 6m, minimum initial setup time required 1 hr.

Canine Road Show

This Traveling Show around the Nation incorporates elements of each of the following shows and employs the incredible Flipping Disc Dogz, Melbourne Canine Freestyle, The Muttley Crew and the general public. It is a dynamic series of performances that are tailored to each event.

Mini Dog Grand National

It's the race that never stopped a nation, the race to see which of the little breed of dogs can run the fastest over five 20cm jumps, down a 10-15m race's all over in a few seconds but it's the huge build up that gets the crowd involved and placing side bets on which of the big hearted little lapdogs takes out first place and which dog may not adhere to the rules of running directly over the jumps in an hilarious outcome of pure positive clean fun, that leaves a smile on everyone's face. The finally is the walk about, the little champions meet and greet their adoring fans.

Temptation Alley

It's simple... handlers bring their dogs along to do a straight forward recall down a ten metre straight track...only difference is the alley between the start point for the dog and the calling handler - various 'temptations' are scattered to slow the dog down in this timed challenge that leads to all sorts of frolicking, U-turns and almosts.


Minimum space requirements 3m x 6m, minimum setup time required 5 mins.


Sheep Herding / Duck Herding 

It's all about bringing the Country to the City. Utilising either a round yard replicating the requirements for training a working dog on farms, the backbone of our grazing industries, to having a speed trial competition whereby dogs and their handlers are challenged to manoeuvre sheep through a series of obstacles.


Minimum space requirements 10m x 10m, minimum setup time required 3 hrs. 

CommonWoof Games / Doglympics

Depending on the year, we take a twist on the ultimate human athletics competition in the form of replacing humans with dogs in a vast array of sports. These include Javelin Weave, Disc Dogz, Dog Socca, Barrel Racing, Vaulting, Puppy Races, Mini Dog Races to name but a few. It's the family fun event that has audiences on the edge of their seats cheering for their national teams, as the dogs race through their paces and perform for a place on


Minimum space requirements 6m x 15m, minimum setup time required 30 mins.

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