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DockDogs Registration Form

Welcome to the DockDogs registration form for the Gold Coast Show – Fri 30th August, Sat 31st August and Sun 1st September.


You can fill out your registration towards the bottom of this page, but please read through the following information first.


Whether you and your furry friend are seasoned competitors or first-time participants, Antinol Dock Dogs, is sure to provide fun and entertainment for all.


In this registration form, you will find all the necessary information to enrol your dog in Antinol Dock Dogs! So, grab your dog's leash, a floatable/non-edible/never been alive throw toy, and get ready to make a splash!

What is DockDogs?

DockDogs, is an international canine aquatics sport involving a 12.5m x 1.5m above ground platform known as the Dock, which allows dogs to leap into a 100,000 litre pool. The sport has 4 disciplines.


Big Air is essentially long-jumping for dogs. Dogs take a running jump from the dock, usually chasing a toy thrown by their handler.

Once the dog makes their leap, the distance is then judged from the end of the dock to the point where the tail set breaks the water’s surface. Jumps are evaluated by a nationally accredited judge. Each dog/human team jumps twice in each wave (a heat) then if you are in the top 6 teams in each division you are eligible for the Big Air Finals. So, you are competing only against the dogs that jumped a similar distance in the waves (heats). We also have special finals divisions for Youth Handlers (kids under 16), Veteran Dogs (12 years and over), Lap Dogs (30cm or smaller at the collar).

Speed Retrieve is drag racing for dogs where they run jump, fly, and swim to the end of the pool to grab a bumper. Two times are recorded; the release time of the handler and the entire run/jump/fly/swim/grab time. This discipline involves lasers and complex electronic timers.

Extreme Vertical is all about jumping up as high as possible to grab or knock loose an ever-increasing in height bumper.

Important Information

Spaces for Dock Dogs activities are limited, 20 teams per Big Air Waves, 20 teams for Speed Retrieve, and 20 teams for Extreme Vertical, and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. To avoid disappointment, we encourage you to register your furry friend as soon as possible to secure your spot.


To participate in the DockDogs activities, dogs must be on a leash and more than two metres apart from all other dogs at all times when in the competition area. Dogs must be at least 6-months old at the time of the event. Dogs cannot be on heat or cannot be injured. Dogs must be safe (no reactive behaviour towards other dogs/humans) and not be declared dangerous. By registering your dog, you certify that your dog meets these requirements.


The dog handler must be 7 years old or over and a competent and confident manager/handler of their dog. All handlers must attend the mandatory marshalling meeting 20 minutes prior to each wave. Not attending this meeting will result in a forfeit of all funds and your place in the wave.


There are no refunds, it is up to competitors to sell their waves to other competitors and update the admin team before the marshalling meeting which is 20 mins prior to each wave.



  1. Please do not buy spots on behalf of other people. This creates a lot of extra administration for organisers.  We understand that you may have to pull out of an event due to unforeseen circumstances. This is ok - then you can arrange with other competitors to on-sell your spot. However, buying spots on behalf of other competitors to 'reserve spots' will incur a $10 admin fee per spot purchased.

  2. You cannot cancel or ask for a refund on the booking within 48 hours of the event's start date.

Privacy Statement

DockDogs Australia (DDA) collects and manages personal information in the course of performing its activities, functions and duties. We respect the privacy of the personal information held by us. The way in which DDA manages personal information is governed by the The Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (PPIP Act). We are collecting your personal information in accordance PPIP Act so that we can register your attendance and provide updates on the upcoming events. Generally, we will not disclose your personal information outside of DDA unless we are required to do so by law, or unless you have given us your consent to such disclosure.

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