Dave's working dogs


The backbone of Australian cattle and sheep stations are the working dogs; our Kelpies, Koolies, Heelers and Border Collies bred tough and resilient.

With Australian farmers facing the worst drought in living memory, many have had to put aside their working dog breeding and training programmes just to focus on keeping their stock alive and  farms afloat. These amazing animals with their calm stock handling abilities are often replaced by bikes helicopters and utes. The stock can literally become wild!

Farmer Dave has experienced these problems first hand and understands the sever impact this will have  when farms get back to pre drought capacity without young dogs ready to help move stock and manage the muster.

Together with the BackTrack Youth Works, local police and councils, Dave is working with at risk youth from regional areas to breed and train high quality working line Kelpies. These amazing young people are learning the skills and care to rear pups ready to work on farms and fill the massive gap left by this catastrophic drought.

Several litters of pups are at different stages of the programme and will be ready to head west by Christmas. 

To get involved in in this amazing programme or enquire about working dogs, contact us here!