Meet the Muttley Crew!

Dave's unlikely furry family come in many shapes and sizes and from all walks of life and now travel the country with him entertaining and educating crowds and sharing their incredible stories. 


Jimmy Chew

Poor Jimmy used to think every day was Christmas as his human had developed Alzheimer's and would feed him dozens of times each day! This poor little cattle dog could hardly move due to a extreme obesity and he was taken away by animal welfare officers. He has since lost half his weight and is an absolute crown favourite! 



This rare German Spitz Klein came to Dave as a rather angry chap, but he probably had good reason to want to kill anything or anyone that came close to him. He had bounced from home to home, was in and out of shelters then joined a free flight bird show ( yup he actually joined the circus!) he was taken by wild eagles one too many times and was returned to the shelter. There was something about this angry little spunk that melted Dave's heart and with lots of love, patience and dedicated training he is one of the cutest and kindest members of the Crew.



This sweet little pomeranian came to Dave after his owner sadly died suddenly of a heart attack, accidently falling on him and breaking his spine. While he still sports funny little limp, it doesn't diminish his love for performing. He is the smallest member of the Muttley Crew, with the biggest personality!



A pure bread kelpie born to real working parents of on Dave's family station in Western Queensland, Buddy of the newest member of the Muttley Crew and is learning all about their amazing and fun world!



Didgee, like his name sake, is a great instrument... as long as played by a skilled musician! Despite his amazing pedigree (he last sold for $6 600!) he has sadly bounced around from owner to owner, none of who had the work for this super athlete. So he's now joined up with the hardest working dog man in show business!



A Tri-Border Collie was given to Dave by the amazing Tara King, she was the first Behaviour Teaching Dog at the Australian Canine Sports & Training Centre giving assistance to hundreds of dogs who came as Aggressive Dog cases and left being able to communicate more effectively thanks to Matilda's incredible ability to bridge between dogs and humans. Her kindness, firmness and ability to teach defusing techniques made her a legend among the dogs of Sydney. She is Dave's number one dog body language teacher in schools and vacation care centres in short she is a master of language and teaching communication skills.



The famous white Dingo, Alice came to Dave as a tiny puppy when a member of the community found her in the scrub. She immediately chose Dave as her human and was instrumental in helping Dave spread his educational message about our amazing native dogs. 

Heartbreakingly, Alice was hit by a car and died in 2018 whilst being a part of a dingo breeding and regeneration program in NSW.